1994 – 1995

CHINA: June 4 1989

October 14 – November 30, 1994 at Buckham Gallery in Flint Michigan

Traveling exhibition.

This was an art exhibition organized by the Asian American Arts Centre marking the massacre in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, on June 4, 1989. The exhibition was jointly curated by Lau Gin Wei (Hong Kong), Robert Lee, director of the Asian American Arts Centre, and John Yau, poet & art critic. This exhibition has traveled from the Asian American Arts Centre in New York to the Institute for Contemporary Art P. S. 1 Museum in Long Island City, the Hong Kong Arts Center, and to Buckham Gallery in Flint, Michigan. This exhibition was selected by Art in America as one of the most important exhibitions of the year.

This exhibition aims to educate the public about the Tiananmen Square massacre and the struggle for human rights. Hundreds of artists have joined together to create this momentous symbol in memory of Tiananmen Square. Five years after Tiananmen Square and less than a year after the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, the terror of Tiananmen Square has receded in time. The memory of Tiananmen Square, however, has not been forgotten. This exhibition of the art that was forged in its aftermath continues to keep that memory alive. Tiananmen Square and the terror of what a government can do to its own people is a potent reminder.

The symbolic core of the exhibition is a wall of free standing doors, painted and sculpted, which are linked together, enabling additional artists to join in shaping the form of this wall. Linked freestanding doors express and symbolize hope for the future of China through collaboration and participation.

The exhibition also called to attention the state of civil liberties in America when it was censored by the Senate Select Committee on Ethics in June 1990 when it traveled to a Congressional Rotunda. "CHINA - June 4, 1989..." educates the public about Tiananmen Square, about the story of the people who fought for freedom and democracy, about the threats to fundamental rights in the United States.

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Three: Works by Artists-in-Residence

September 29 – November 11, 1994

Participating Artists:

Photography and Community: AAAC Annual Exhibition

November 17 – December 31, 1994

Participating Artists:

Chinese/Korean Calligraphy

February 9 – March 4, 1995

Organized by Dr. Sun Wuk Kim & Robert Lee.

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Ancestors: a Collaborative Project with Kenkeleba House

March – May 1995

This exhibition examines the historical ties between African and Asian Americans. Given America is a land of diverse people, "...we recognize the wealth of our heritage as Americans and encourage the act of paying homage to all the Ancestors of this Land.”

Mounted at Kenkeleba House 214 East 2nd Street and at AAAC.

Organized by Corrine Jennings & Robert Lee.

Participating Artists: