1999 – 2000

Cross-cultural Voices II: Between Memories

September 1 - October 15, 1999

A collaboration with The Korea Society and the Stephen Gang Gallery.

Curated by Young M. Park.

Participating Artists:

FIREHOUSE: AAAC 25th Anniversary

Octpber 30 – November 14, 1999

Organized by Young M. Park, Trinh Le, and Robert Lee.

Participating Artists:

"This Used To Be a Poodle" - 9th AAAC Annual Exhibition

October 29 - December 14, 1999

Selection Panel:
Participating Artists:

Looking at Beijing: Photography as Art/CHINA

December 16, 1999 - January 6, 2000

A collaboration with the New York University Department of Art and Art Professions. Summer Study Abroad program in Photography initiated by NYU, co-sponsored by the Beijing Film Institute in Beijing.

Curated by Professors Gerald Pryor & Ann Chwatsky.


Lunar New Year Exhibition

January 20 - March 4, 2000

A Sand Painting Creation by Lama Tenzin and several "Nuo Masks" and Tibetan Thang-ka paintings by Kalsang Wangmo. Lecture by John M. Lundquist -"Mandala & Temple: Sacred Architecture in Tibet."

Participating Artists:

Apartment #3F

March 17 - April 29, 2000

This exhibition conceptually converts the exhibition gallery space back into its original living environment and in this way, challenge the formalists' notion of viewing art in an empty, pristine "white cube."

Curated by Mihee Ahn.

Participating Artists:

MILIEU PART III: Color in the Art of

May 18 - July 15, 2000

Asian American Artists and their Milieu 1945 - 65 – Third in a Series.

Panel Discussion: Natvar Bhavsar, Corinne Robins, Ninochka Rosca, Patricia Karetzky, co-sponsored by China Institute.

Curated by Robert Lee.

Participating Artists: