2008 – 2009

Metro Poles in China Town

October 2008 – January 2009

The Asian American Arts Centre partnered with the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, the Chinatown Manpower Project and other local institutions in a cross-borough collaboration occuring simultaneously in Jamaica, the Bronx and Lower Manhattan.

Participating Artists:


December 13 – January 15, 2009

Zero Capital's CLUSTERBOMB! is a creative response to physical and psychological displacement in the post 9-11 era of disillusionment and artistic inertia. It is an interdisciplinary, intergenerational and transnational network of artists, writers, activists, cultural workers and youth. Participants are posing a collective challenge to the issue of have and have-nots, why those who have are getting more and those who don't have are getting less or nothing.

Poster for the Zero Capital CLUSTERBOMB! Exhibition
Zero Capital Artists:

Tibetan Thangka Paintings

January 26 – March 27, 2009

This exhibition was a part of the AAAC's Lunar New Year festival in 2009. Five traditional artists/crafts people gave demonstrations, including Ye Xun — a Chinese miniature dough figurine artist, Rose Sigal-Ibsen — Sumi-e ink calligrapher, Kavita Vyas — an Indian Mahendi hand painting artist, Duong Truong — fortune teller, Kwok Kay Choey — an Er Hu performer, together with Jampa Youden — a Tibetan folk singing performance.

At the opening reception, Lama Tenzin presented a talk on the significance of Thangka paintings. Thangka paintings usually depict deities and saints, aspects of the life of the Buddha, as well as the more abstract Mandalas, astrological charts, medical descriptions and scenes, usually serving as a supplementary aid to religious educational development. They are meant as focal elements for visualization, meditation and contemplation.

A Tibetan Thangka Painting of Medicine Buddha


July 3, 2009

ARTSLAM is part of a series of events allowing emerging artists the opportunity to present their work, as well as meet and network with established artists and critics/curators.

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