2017 – 2018

Selected Works from AAAC Archive & Permanent Collection

January - April 2018

A video presentation on artasiamerica.org, an Asian American Artists Archive, shown 24/7 for three months in the window of 384 Broadway. Two score and ten artists’ works are brought together in a 23-minute video, presented as an introduction to the creative side of Asia America from the post WWII era to the present. Held in conjunction with Think Chinatown’s Art Across Archives. Learn more.

Participating artists:

A Conversation With Yun-Fei Ji

June 9, 2018

For Yun-Fei Ji's exhibition, Rumors, Ridicules and Retributions, at James Cohan Gallery at 291 Grand Street, Yun-Fei Ji, poet, art critic, and curator John Yau and Robert Lee, Executive Director of the Asian American Arts Centre & organizer of this event, came together to recognize the presence of his work in Chinatown. Learn more.