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Asian American Arts Alliance
The Asian American Arts Alliance (A4) is dedicated to increasing financial and other resources for Asian American artists and arts and cultural groups based in New York City.

The Asian American Artists Collective, Chicago
The Asian American Artists Collective - Chicago is committed to creating intersections between art, audience, and activism. The Collective works to confront, subvert, and disrupt stereotypes, discrimination, prejudice, and oppression from outside and inside our communities.

Asia-Australia Arts Centre
Founded in 1996, 4A is the only art centre in Australia that shows works by leading Asian Australian and Asian contemporary artists in a continuous exhibition program. 4A has thrived because of the strong support of its members, sponsors, benefactors, volunteers, Visual Arts, Literature and Advisory committees.

Asian Canadian Arts & Culture Community, Canada
The website features a calendar of Asian Canadian arts, culture, and community events. It is also a resource for Asian Canadian artists, performers, writers, cultural and community organizations, and all those who are interested in the Asian Canadian experience.

Centre A, Canada
The Vancouver Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A) reflects the culture of a city with a large Asian population and presents the works of both local and international artists. Website includes a calender of Centre A events, highlights past and current programmes and encourages debate with its chat room.

Chinese Arts Centre, UK
The centre provides a range of services including: education workshops, training, exhibitions, advocacy and lobbying, International projects, and information services. They also have an extensive database of artists resident in the UK and hold a large resource Library.

Kearney Street Workshop, SF
KSW, a non-profit, community-based organization, is based in San Francisco. KSW uses music, performance, words and images to empower and enrich the people of the Bay Area. Can art-making help achieve a more just society? KSW believes it can.

Shen Wei Dance Arts

Young Audience New York
AAAC is listed in this database dedicated to help parents and families in New York City find cultural institutions and activities of interest.