June 4, 1989: Art Exhibitions
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It has been 25 years since the student uprising in Tiananmen Square and the exhibition AAAC mounted in response. Political crisis abounds in modern times, yet this confrontation resulted in a unique artistic event with the power to communicate years after its original impact.

The world has moved on but, for those who remember, Tiananmen Square was the precursor to the Solidarity Party's victory in Poland, Czechoslovakia's 'Velvet Revolution', Hungary's declaration as a free republic, the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, and the break-up of the Soviet Union. For several weeks the faces of the students were playing on everyone's TV, a daily daytime drama with a global audience. An unspeakable spectacle unfolded, focusing and transforming the clash of Chinese political destinies into media, imprinting itself on the human imaginary in epic dimensions. What most took for granted was violated before their eyes, changing the world fundamentally for everyone. The impact of Tiananmen Square was incalculable, touching the hearts and minds of people everywhere. People became involved and artists' commitments reflected them, magnifying their outcry in vivid, powerful art forms.

Art, in this exhibition, transcended the gallery and spoke in the political square. Visions, metaphors and symbols encapsulate Tiananmen Square so the public can see past the politics to the meaning portrayed and crafted in the moment of crisis. Such is the power art brought to this historically unprecedented postmodern moment. AAAC thanks all the artists who made this exhibition possible, and through their artistry link us all to this moment in history.

One day, tangible evidence will present itself before the eyes of the people of China. Groups such as the Tiananmen Mothers are waiting for this. They are fighting for their loved ones and for justice for everything that has occurred since 1989. They want an account of what happened, recognition for their children, and reparations and justice for all the repeated injustices inflicted by the government. To resist enforced amnesia, expose the truth and bring justice to the Tiananmen Mothers is to undo the basis for the corruption that is flourishing today. China can still be changed.

AAAC's purpose remains unchanged: to keep as much of the original exhibition intact so that the people in China may one day see this historic response of artists, their coming together to express the support of people in the US as well as the global community for the people of China, their struggles, and their dreams.

For the 25th Anniversary commemorating the 1989 Student Movement AAAC will mount an exhibition at Whitebox Art Center in NYC on June 1st to the 10th, 2014. This web page created in 2009 marking the 20th anniversary, will be expanded and updated. See http://bit.ly/1na0oJL (and/or the QR code) for more information.

With Kind Regards,
Anniversary commemorating the 1989 Student Movement AAAC
Robert Lee




為了紀念天安門事件25週年,亞美藝術中心將會於2014年六月一號到十號在紐約的Whitebox Art Center開辦展覽。這個建與2009年的網站是為了紀念天安門事件20週年,其中內容會被拓展與更新。請訪問http://bit.ly/1na0oJL以獲得更多信息。


Woodcut, Artist unknown

Woodcut (unknown artist)

Installation Shot at Black and White Gallery Installation Shot at Black and White Gallery Installation Shot at Black and White Gallery Installation Shot at Black and White Gallery Installation Shot at Black and White Gallery

June 1-10, 2014: 25th Anniversary Exhibition at White Box, Honoring the 1989 Student Movement (view all images from this show on Flickr)
June 2009: Launch of AAAC Commemorative Website "June 4, 1989"
Oct 14, 1994 to Nov 30, 1994: Buckham Gallery in Flint, Michigan
August 24, 1992 to October 4, 1992: Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio
June 4, 1992 to July 14, 1992: Traveling exhibition Mexic-Arte in Austin, Texas
November 20 - Jan 12, 1990: Exhibition continued at AAAC gallery
June 4 - June 24, 1990: Selection of "CHINA: June 4, 1989" artists in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Art Centre
June 2, 1990: Tiananmen Square- A Memorial Performance of Music, Poetry and Dance
April 22 - June 17, 1990: PS1 Museum
October 12 - November 12, 1989: Exhibition installed at Blum Helman Warehouse
June 9 - September 30, 1989: Initial exhibition shown at AAAC gallery
June 4, 1989 - May 10 to June 29, 1990: "Witnesses: CHINA" at AAAC

Installation Shot at Blum Helman Warehouse Installation shot Installation shot Installation shot
Interview with Robert Lee, AAAC
(Read full interview)
"A Beijing Artist - 'Deng'"
(Read full text)
Excerpt of poem by Gu Hai
(Read full poem)
China: June 4, 1989 Press Release, Whitebox, 2014
China: June 4, 1989 Press Release, Whitebox Art Center, 2014
China: June 4, 1989 Press Release, Whitebox, 2014 (英文原文的翻譯)
Whitebox Art Center, 2014
Artspiral publication, Winter 1989
Artspiral publication, Winter 1989
Artspiral publication, Winter 1989 (英文原文的翻譯)
Artspiral publication, Winter 1989
China: June 4, 1989 International Memorial Arts Festival announcement
China: June 4, 1989 International Memorial Arts Festival announcement
China: June 4, 1989 announcement, PS1
China: June 4, 1989 announcement, PS1

Excerpts from the Buckham Gallery Exhibition, 1994
China: June 4, 1989 Excerpts from the Buckham Gallery Exhibition, 1994
Excerpts from the Buckham Gallery Exhibition, 1994 (英文原文的翻譯)
China: June 4, 1989 Excerpts from the Buckham Gallery Exhibition, 1994
China: June 4, 1989 Witness Show announcement
China: June 4, 1989 Witness Show announcement
China: June 4, 1989 announcement
China: June 4, 1989 announcement, AAAC and Blum Helman Warehouse
China: June 4, 1989, AAAC statement
China: June 4, 1989, AAAC statement


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Inquiries about this exhibition—CHINA: June 4, 1989—its availability for touring or acquisition, can be sent to aaacinfo@artspiral.org.
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有關CHINA:June 4,1989展覽的任何問題請聯系aaacinfo@artspiral.org.

Important Notice to Artists
2014 Notice to Artists

Events Leading to June 4, 1989

April 15, 1989Wu Yao Bang passed away. An enlightened leader, people expressed their mourning and discontent with spontaneous small demonstrations. This incident unlocked the long suppressed pro-democracy sentiments of people. The demonstrations grew. On April 19 more than 100,000 people held a sit-in at Tiananmen Square
April 22, 1989In spite of government plans made to cordon off the whole of Tiananmen Square, students are able to enter the square and mount their demonstrations and events before police have taken up their positions. In a sincere gesture, reminiscent of Qing practice, several students kneel on the steps of the Great Hall and beg Premier Li Peng to come out and talk to them. He declines
April 24, 1989Students begin a mass boycott of classes in an attempt to pressure government leaders into hearing their requests
April 26, 1989The official government newspaper, the People's Daily, labeled the student movement as a riot instigated and organized by a small number of wicked people. It called upon the whole nation to suppress the "riot". The infamous "4/26 editorial" was joined by the mobilization of the 38th Army
April 27, 1989The student movement developed into a people's movement. Students who marched into the Square numbered 200,000. Over a million civilians showed support on the roads. A federation of all student associations was formed
May 4, 1989The students are now joined by many of their teachers, scores of journalists, and by many citizens of Beijing. 100,000 march in Beijing, dwarfing the historic student demonstrations of the May 4 Movement in 1919. Demonstrations occur in other cities and overseas as well. Students begin a hunger strike
May 13, 1989Hunger strike grows to two thousand participants. Government officials agree to a dialogue with the student leaders on the 14th, just before Mikhael Gorbachev is scheduled to visit Beijing. On the 15th police order the clearing of the Square
May 17, 1989About two million Beijing citizens march onto the streets. The spectrum of demonstrators from all walks of life include a thousand soldiers of the People's Liberation Army. Demonstrations are reported in over twenty provinces
May 18, 1989Premier Li Peng agrees to meet with the students. Secretary-General Zhao Ziyang visits the hunger strikers and urges them to end their fast.
May 20, 1989Premier Li Peng and the president of China, Yang Shangkun, declare martial law and order units of the People's Liberation Army to return order to the city. Demonstrators build barricades around themselves and urge the troops not to enforce the martial law restrictions. Armed troops head toward Tiananmen Square but are blocked by people on the road and who sleep at night there preventing passage
May 22, 1989A hundred thousand soldiers surround Beijing. Twenty thousand students vow to stay on the Square. "...our blood may be shed, yet we cannot give up freedom and democracy. May our lives and blood call upon a beautiful future for our Republic"
End of May 1989Student leaders encourage their fellow students to end the hunger strike and return to their campuses but there are new recruits from other cities. A thirty foot statue of the student's version of liberty is built. Military action it is stated would not be used to suppress the students, but the government repeat their claim, labeling this pro-democracy movement a riot
June 4, 1989Late at night well-armed troops from the Twenty-seventh Army and other units loyal to Deng smash through the barricades in heavy tanks and armored personnel carriers and put an end to the students' brave movement

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Xerox of Chinese article
Report from Daily News
Xerox of Chinese article


Art Examiner Review
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Harper's Article
International Examiner Review
New York Press Review

Newsday Review
Flint Journal Review
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Flint Journal Review


June 4th Overview
HRIC Documentary on June Fourth Victims: Portraits of Loss and the Quest for Justice
June Fourth at 25: Resisting Enforced Amnesia, Building a Just Future


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